I tried to illustrate
a picture between you and me
but in reality
this picture seems unreal

Recently I watched a movie, Eat Pray Love
it sort of explains the difference between Italian and American
American do things that they are told to
but Italian don't.

When they just woke up in the morning, feeling a bit lazy
they just decided, not because it's Friday or something,
"Hey I should give myself a break today."
They told themselve what to do.

The drive is within yourself
not by someone else.

I laughed awkwardly
to pretend that I'm fine
showing that nothing you said could possibly hurt me

In contrast
There was an enormous struggle inside my heart
one stood for 'let it be, let's be friends'
another stood for 'you should hold it tightly, not letting go'
I can't decide which to hold
between my ego and my sudden impression toward to a person like you
then I started wondering that since when the drive within myself has gone for so long

The fucking circumstance drove me
The fucking set of sequences drove me

I used to believe I'm not that type of person who follows steps
but in fact, I'm.
How ironic is that.

How much I wish that I were an Italian.
Waking up in a gloomy morning, I open my eyes,
realizing how much I need you beside me because these loneliness are killing me to the bones
I should just give myself a sudden break, enough time to find you back in my life
a phone call will be needed, i wish that my god-damn phone were beside me
pressing those ten numbers, the nervousness just circles around my head
you might speak up first asking why I call
but I decide to speak up first, interrupting your talk

"Hey, I just realize that I love you."
No one tells me to do that
My heart says so
Today's a good day to do that, something beyond my usual routine
I tell myself to do that.

Live like a Italian.

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