i just know that you have a pair of natural, beautiful brown eyes
and i am just too late to know
to blind to see what's the truth
what was in front of me
and you don't know how much i hate myself for this

but it is so good to see that you look better than I do

Man it's been 4 years
or more than 4 years
to see you once again
which I never expected to
because i decided that would be my last time seeing you that time
i left like i got nothing on my shoulder
i left like there is nothing i should give a damn
i left like a perfect escape
but i didn't get that far as you

Man i'm still the same
i don't even sure whether i've grown up or not
i feel the same about myself
but you are different
is it because i never got close with you
i never did
not even three words: I like you

my life is full of regrets
but i didn't regret for meeting you today
and thank you.

thank you
for sharing those holly stuff you plan
which i laugh because i never thought of you will be saying that
and i can't never picture myself into that

but it's so good to "have" you back
i mean to talk to you like non-stop 3 hours
i am gonna miss you alot and alot in future
and for sure when i look back at this diary
i'll love you more :)

take care okay
and be happy
btw all the best in university
maintain your relationship well, okay
i know you will

xoxo (so weird)
i seriously love your eyes
damn i should discover them long time ago!

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